Friday, July 16, 2021


  Seven years ago we changed the name of our company to NUTRINGREDIENTS, a new easy to understand name, encapsulating our main purpose and activity: Focusing on Ingredients for Nutrition.

Consultancy, Marketing, Partnership… Since we established our company in 2003, we have been more and more involved in our customers’ projects, both as consultants and shareholders, as we wish to share in the success we have contributed to achieve.

We continue to create ideas and innovative concepts that our customers find interesting and usually co-develop with us.

NUTRINGREDIENTS has in the past been a minor shareholder in four French companies, and is currently a stakeholder in two Spanish and three British companies.

One of these companies is entirely dedicated to Research & Development. It is currently developing a new concept in animal nutrition where both animal species and the feed that sustains them are taken into account within a global approach, powered by a specific tool.

Considering the way we have developed our activities, we think completing the trading name of the company gives a better understanding of what we are and what we do.

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